Since 2003, with its acquisition of the Tanguission Power Plant from the Mirant Corporation, Iron Bridge Private Equity has invested in a number of early and late stage tech and software companies with a preference for platforms that make healthcare more efficient and less expensive.  Each of these companies has potential for high growth and typically a proprietary model or a competitive advantage in its space.

With a successful record and extensive experience and background, we have invested in a number of private companies from power plants, sports marketing, healthcare and technology. Our legal, finance and operating experience has allowed us to holistically view companies and projects in order to mitigate risk and unlock their full potential.  We typically co-invest with other venture or private equity funds or investors.

Closed Investments

Pruvient Energy

In 2003, Iron Bridge purchased the Tanguisson Power Plant in Dededo, Guam.  READ MORE

Close up Of Plant

Offers a proprietary B to B solution to reach customers on their cell phones.


A provider of marketing tools for the online auto sales industry.  Iron Bridge recently exited this investment through a sale to Carvana.


Provides a unique marketing metrics and real time data for SAS companies.


A leader in the ride sharing economy space. Lyft went public in 2019.


The leading provider of high school sporting events on the internet, exited in 2022 through a sale to KKR.


The largest and most powerful PRN platform connecting nurses and healthcare facilities.


Placement software firm that helps recruiters source and qualify suitable job candidates.


Biotech firm with an exciting potential new treatment for certain skin disorders.


A software platform linking dental hygienists to employers to schedule short term employment.

Confidential Transaction

A private leading provider of healthcare software to hospitals and health systems. Recently Exited.


Cloud computing company with improved speed and performance technology.

Confidential Transaction

A highly successful pharmacy savings platform for large employers.


A software platform targeting nurses and scheduling with employers in Europe.