We are a private equity real estate investment and development company headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Since 2001, we have provided over $400 million in investment capital, development and operational expertise to commercial real estate, multi-family housing and public/private partnerships in the United States and abroad.

Our geographic focus is on the Southeastern United States where we work with longstanding partner relationships to actively pursue a range of value add and opportunistic real estate investment strategies in target markets. We also look for transformative projects that provide a positive community impact, often through public/private partnerships and working in concert with local municipalities.

At Iron Bridge, we want to do good deals
with good people

We excel in pursuing opportunities where we can develop unique financing structures to minimize risk and the overall cost of capital to align the interests of all parties to ensure a better outcome.

Quick Facts

  • Iron Bridge has never lost investor or lender capital for any transaction in our history.
  • Property management division manages over 700,000 SF of facilities which are 99-100% occupied
  • Over $200 million of housing developed and managed for over 2,500 current residents
  • Directly developed over $300M of projects with institutional debt and equity over the last 10 years

Institutional Partners

Wells Fargo