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Real Estate Investment and Development

Iron Bridge Capital took its name from the original “Iron Bridge”built in Colebrookdale, England, a historic iron bridge that was one of the first industrial structures built of iron that laid the groundwork for skyscraper and multi-story iron and steel buildings.

We focus on the main and secondary markets in the Southeast where we can invest or develop mid-size opportunities that are too large for individual investors but too small for larger institutional funds.

Our target transaction size is between $10-25 million, but we will consider larger transactions if the opportunity meets our parameters, and we will also look at smaller ones if there is a program or path to a larger platform.

We follow a strict fundamental approach to underwriting our investments and utilize conservative assumptions, extensive scenario analyses, and thorough due diligence prior to the acquisition or development of an asset.

We employ prudent leverage levels appropriate for the nature of the assets and the investment parameters of our clients, and ensure that our capital structure is carefully managed to maximize returns and control risk.

Our ability to identify unique opportunities is a result of our team’s extensive experience and long-standing local relationships. We have developed a deep network throughout the Southeast with asset and land owners, brokerages, the commercial lending and investment banking sectors, as well as with institutional investors across the country.

To date, no Iron Bridge project has ever lost a dollar of investor or lender capital, either as the investor or the developer, over multiple economic cycles since its inception in 2001.


We seek to acquire high quality, well-located assets below replacement cost to mitigate downside risk. Value Add opportunities are typically well-located properties that are underperforming their potential due to deficiencies in the physical plant or in the existing management.

Our approach is hands-on, targeting properties that we believe are undervalued, possess cash flow potential and may benefit from the implementation of a rigorous, value-added asset management plan where value can be created through focused operational and financial management.

This plan may involve capital improvements, expense reduction, proactive leasing, capital restructuring or asset repositioning.


We pursue opportunistic projects across multiple sectors through our extensive network in the Southeast by investing with longstanding operating partners in new development sites or by developing them ourselves.

We execute this strategy by traditional land purchase and construction, solving a problem with an existing site to clear the way for a transformative development, partnering with a city or municipality, or by identifying and solving an issue with an existing structure in a cost-effective way.

Additionally, Iron Bridge has experience in underwriting and funding complex and situational real estate transactions.  These special situations can be in the form of bridge loans and other special situation debt opportunities, secured by a broad range of real estate assets.

Sample Projects